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June 30, 2006


Paul P

I don't believe a thing real estate agents say. I don't hate them just the tricky and unexperienced ones. Which in my opinion is most of them. Take the "no obligation market evaluation" for example, the oldest and most unoriginal term you will see advertised. Do they think people are stupid? The real definition should be, “yes I will come over to your home, tell you what it’s worth, then I will bug the hell out of you until you list it with me. In the meantime they will send you some “awesome” fridge magnets, calendars and pencils just so you don’t forget them. I have written at length about this, I'm NOT selling anything, just a frank, real world discussion.



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Are you the Wes Morgenegg that ran Liquid Marketing into the ground because you lied to clients and stole a ton of money? I wouldn't trust you further than I can piss.


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Any updates? thanks for sharing!


Jo Amick

Interesting post. I found that with so many bloggers, it's hard to tell who knows what. It seems you folks are spot on. Keep it up!

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